On December 16, 2019 12:00pm ET, Mozilla will be winding down X-Ray Goggles and all associated data and content will be permanently deleted. You can read more about our decision in this blog post.

If you are looking to learn about the web with tools like X-Ray Goggles, join our friends at the Mouse Learning Network for free and check out their awesome Coding course.

X-Ray Goggles was designed as a desktop experience, and relies on the bookmark bar. Please install and try them in your desktop browser.

Remix Any Page on the Web

X-Ray Goggles makes it easy to see and remix the code behind your favorite web pages.
The best part: you don't need any prior coding experience! Just activate Goggles, click on a section,
and edit. Then, share your remixes with others.

Open Your Bookmark Toolbar

If you're using Firefox on a Mac, look at your top menu bar, click View, and make sure Bookmark Toolbar is selected.

Install Goggles

Click and drag this button to your bookmark toolbar to install X-Ray Goggles.

X-Ray Goggles

Try a Sample Activity

Once you've installed X-Ray Goggles in your bookmark bar, you can begin remixing.

Start with our step-by-step tutorial.

Sample activity page

Use X-Ray Goggles to Teach

Now that you have mastered X-Ray Goggles, use these activities to teach others how to code.

Remix the News

Use X-Ray Goggles to remix a news website, learning about openly-licensed resources, different forms of media, and how to remix something new.

Try this activity

Hack My Media

Participants will think critically about their identities and the media. They will use this to create their first webpage by tinkering with an existing webpage.

Try this activity


Create and publish pixel art stickers, then use them to annotate and remix the Web.

Try this activity